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Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Riverside, the attorneys at Rice & Rice can provide you with the defense representation you need.  Read more »

Drug Possession and Sales

Facing criminal charges for drug possession, being under the influence, or for drug sales, it is important to have an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney on your side. Read more »

Domestic Violence

The criminal defense attorneys at Rice & Rice are here to protect you from these consequences and guide you through the legal process.  Read more »

Warrants, Pro- BAtion Violations, & Reinstatements

If you have a warrant out or a probation violation it is better to have an attorney put your case on calendar and take care of the matter prior to you getting taken into custody. Read more »

Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

Burglary is a serious felony charge and considered a strike under California’s Three Strikes Law. Read more »

Expungements and Record Sealing

The Law Offices of Debra J. Rice is an experienced expungement law office. Read more »

Federal Criminal Defense

Federal crimes are crimes against the United States of America and are prosecuted by the US Attorney or other Governmental Agencies. Read more »

Alternative Sentencing

If you or a loved one is under 18 years of age and is facing criminal charges please contact our offices today for a free consultation. Read more »

Riverside and San Bernardino Criminal Defense Attorney

If you face a serious legal problem, you do not have to deal with it alone. The Law Offices of Debra J. Rice is here to provide you with personal, experienced, and strong advocacy you need. Debra J. Rice, Esq. is personally involved in every step of your case.

More Than 25 Years of

Criminal Defense Experience

Debra has been practicing criminal defense in Riverside for over 25 years. If you have been charged with a criminal offense in California, it is important to talk to an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. Your situation may be dire or may not be as bad as it seems. You can only know after talking to a professional who knows the law and can help you understand your rights.

Attorney Debra J. Rice has extensive and significant experience defending clients against a broad range of felony and misdemeanor charges, including Driving Under the Influence, Drug Possession or Sales, and Theft Crimes in Riverside and throughout California’s Inland Empire.

A criminal conviction could affect you for life, making it difficult to pursue future employment and educational opportunities. It can also have a serious affect on your personal life or marriage. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney can help you make the right decisions and be the strong advocate you need to protect your future.

As someone who believes that every person deserves strong and experienced representation, it has always been, and will continue to be my goal, to provide the best possible representation at an affordable price. To get your defense off to an effective start, please contact our office online or by telephone at 951-719-4211.


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