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Law Offices of Debra J. Rice, is a trusted source of legal guidance for clients in Riverside and throughout the Inland Empire. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling criminal defense, drunk driving, family law and bankruptcy cases for clients in California.

To our clients, we are compassionate allies. To our legal opponents, we are formidable attorneys who never back down from a fight. Whether you are facing a criminal arrest, a family law dispute or are struggling with overwhelming debt, we are here to fight for your rights and help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our rates are competitive. We offer flexible payment plans to qualified clients.

Taking The Pain Out Of The Process

The law can be intimidating, but the lawyer you work with can make a difference. At our law firm, we work closely with our clients to demystify the legal process and to make it as successful and stress-free for them as possible.

Mother and son attorney team Debra and Eric Rice will work with you personally from your free initial consultation until your legal matter is resolved. No matter how complex your problem or high the stakes, we will make you feel at home.

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No matter how much stress your legal matter is causing you, peace of mind is only a phone call away. We are here to take this burden off of your shoulders. To arrange your free initial consultation, please call us today at 951-683-2297 or contact us online by filling out a brief contact form.

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